Giving your heart to God and joining a church are not simple decisions. The ultimate mission of Turner Chapel is to connect persons to Christ. 

Membership Support

Our membership program is designed to increase your spiritual awareness and prepare you to fully integrate God into every aspect of your life. After building this foundation of knowledge and understanding, you are encouraged to use your unique talents and spiritual gifts to serve in Turner's ministry as only YOU can.

Making the Decision

Each worship service includes a Moment of Decision when you can respond by committing your life to Jesus Christ and/or join God's family at Turner Chapel. If you have never been baptized, you may also express your interest in Water Baptism, which can be a sprinkling or full immersion baptism. You may also indicate if you desire the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once you make your decision, a Turner Chapel minister will privately discuss the nature of your response/spiritual needs with you and pray with you. If you have made the decision to join our family, The New Member Ministry will accompany you to record your decision.

New Member Orientation

All new members complete our New Member Orientation session to be received into full membership. New Member Orientation is conducted as a series of 7 one-hour weekly sessions which includes two fellowship events. You will learn the history and fundamental beliefs of the AME church. You will also learn about the Turner Chapel organizational and leadership structure and learn about the meaning behind various elements of our praise and worship service. Upon completion, you are received into full membership and introduced to the congregation during worship service.

Maturing Spiritually

After becoming a full-fledged Turner Chapel member, you are encouraged to begin your journey in discipleship (Bible Study) by discovering the habits that lead to spiritual maturity. The class explores the four basic habits of prayer, tithing, fellowship, and bible study. By sharing experiences and completing bible-based lessons each week, you can learn how to make these habits your spiritual cornerstones.


After completing "Discovering the Habits that Lead to Spiritual Maturity", you can pursue an assessment of your talents and spiritual gifts. The SHAPE class is a workshop that helps you understand how your personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passion in ministry and life experiences contribute to your unique abilities to minister to and serve others. Upon completion, you consult with a counselor to discuss where you may best serve with your gifts and talents. 

Keeping Turner Connected

Once you become an active member who is involved in ministry, it is important to continue to grow and build relationships with your Turner family. To that end, the KTC ministry offers a variety of opportunities to fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. It is within the smaller groups that you become involved, make friends, and learn to support and encourage each other. 

Opportunities to Serve

In addition to regularly attending worship service, Bible Study, and Church School, members are encouraged to join a Turner Chapel ministry or organization. Visit the Ministries section to learn more about serving. Learn more about serving at Turner. 

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