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Virtual Bible Study & Sunday School Classes



The Virtual Gathering (Elementary)

“This Too Shall Pass”

Ages 1st – 5th Grade

Facilitators:  Arvada Milton & Karol Richardson

Meeting Day & Time: Saturday @ 6:30 pm


Join us for lively discussion, creative activities, meaningful Bible verses, and to keep us without fear. We will read Bible stories of individuals that prove “this too shall pass.”


The Virtual Gathering (Youth & Teens)

6th – 12th Grades

Facilitator:  Wayne Reynolds & Sydnie West

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday @ 7:30 pm


This Virtual Gathering is a place where youth get together to discuss life issues, and many different conflicts that youth face.  Let us discover what the Bible says about life issues, peer pressure and conflict.


“Developing a More Meaningful Prayer Life During a Pandemic”

Facilitator: Rev. Harden Perry

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday @ 12:00 pm (NOON DAY BIBLE STUDY)


One of the most important things we can do during this pandemic is to pray.  But do you really know how to pray during a time of crisis?  Are your prayers “getting through” to God? Do you want to know what the Bible has to say about prayer?  If so, this class is designed especially for you.  Participants will explore the nature of prayer, examine what the Bible says about prayer, and receive practical suggestions for developing a more meaningful prayer life during times of uncertainties and anxiety. 


“Women Walking in God’s Double Favor”


Facilitator: Rev. Leela Waller 

 Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm


 This class is about women seeking to walk in Double Favor, by  

  • Renewing their mind, energy/spirit, and heart/passion through affirmations
  • Adapting the Mind of Christ 
  • Surrendering All

We will focus on the battle of our mind which may be keeping us from the fullness of God’Blessings 

Foundation Scripture: John 10:10  “The Enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly”  

Purpose: To manifest a mindset of seeing Women Walking in God’s Double Favor that embraces God’s promise of an abundant life that will make a difference.  


“The Book of James”  

Facilitator: Edna Martin

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday @ 7:00 pm


The book of James written by Jesus’ brother says little about Jesus and its focus is not on doctrine, but on how the Christian faith is to be lived on a day-to-day basis. It also gives good advice about what to do in the presence of temptation, trials, and persecution. This book teaches the importance of good works as the inevitable and essential fruit of salvation.

Book:  Life Lessons:  Book of  James (Practical Wisdom) by Max Lucado


“The Voice”  (Continuation)

Facilitator: Reverend Don Ezell

Meeting Day & Time:  Wednesday @ 7:00 pm


During this course which will be a Biblical study of the life of the prophet Elijah the Tishbite, we will study the voice used to prophesy to the nations and investigate how God continues to use people today to speak truth to power.

Who should take this course?

  • Those who would like to learn more about the life of Elijah.
  • Those in need of help dealing with the victories and tribulations or partnering with God.
  • Those who are wondering where the prophetic voices in current times are.
  • Those who believe they have a voice that needs to be heard.




Ages: 18-35

Facilitators:  Roz Turner & Loren Johnson

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday @ 7:30 pm


Our summer theme will be Hot Girls and Bad Boys of the Bible. We are going to focus on the not so good stories, the chaos, crisis, mistakes and mishaps of people and how they overcome.




Facilitators:   Gwendolyn Brown& Sydnie Jones

Meeting Day & Time: Sunday @ 8:15 am



 Women Anchored in The Lord is more than a class-- It is a group of women being led by the Lord.  As a result, our topics, discussions and prayers vary. We realize that life is a journey and the Holy Spirit is our guide. Come join us as we seek and pray; study and share; and learn, laugh and mature in The Word.


Facilitator: Revered Matthew Harper  & Kevin Tolbert


Meeting Day & Time:  Sunday @ 8:15 am

Dial in phone number:  1 (712) 451-0617,   
Access Code:  600469

This class deals with ”Spiritual maturity.”  Geared to help men grow in Spiritual maturity and develop a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian man and what God expects of us as Christian men. We will have open discussions on what we perceive to be our roles as men, husbands, fathers, boyfriends and members of God’s church. We then compare these discussions to what the Bible describe as our roles and work towards changing ourselves to fix the Bible’s description of our roles.



Facilitators:  Vanessa Williams & Kevin Beard

Meeting Day & Time: Sunday 8:30 am


In Christian theology, sanctification is a state of separation unto God; all believers enter this state when they accept Christ. Sanctification is the effect of obedience to the Word of God in one’s life. It is the same as growing in the Lord, or spiritual maturity. God started the work of making us like Christ, and He is continuing it.

“Sanctification” is not an everyday word. In fact, it’s an idea that has little value in our me-focused, instant-gratification world. Yet regardless of trends, culture, or opinion, being sanctified (i.e. being set apart from the world) remains a vital part of our journey with Christ.

But what does this process look like? How do we begin? And is it even possible to live a life pleasing to God? Renowned theologian and teacher Dr. R.C. Sproul believe it’s not only possible, it’s our calling. Pleasing God delivers an in-depth look at

God’s plan and pathway for spiritual maturity. Clearing away the confusion of religion and dogma, Dr. Sproul reveals how every believer can experience authentic, lasting life-change through their relationship with God. Built on sound doctrine and rich in Biblical insights, Pleasing God offers a practical guide for anyone longing to live a life that honors their Savior.

How can imperfect people hope to please a perfect God? The answer is both simple and challenging: sanctification. “Pleasing God “takes an in-depth look at sanctification and its essential role in the life of every believer. Filled with Biblical insights, this release guides both new and seasoned Christians through God’s path for transforming His people.

Book:  Pleasing GOD by R.C. Sproul



Facilitators:  Kingsley Sackey & Rev Rose Ngonde

Meeting Day & Time: Sunday  @ 8:00 am

Zoom Meeting

The Book of Daniel was written by Daniel who had been living as a captive along with his three friends and many Jews in Babylon. They had been taken into captivity after the first siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar in 605 B.C. because, "God gave them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar".

While in captivity, without the slightest compromise, he faithfully served under the administration of three kings - Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, and Darius.

The Book depicts historical events during the 70 years of captivity, as well as prophecies from Daniel's day to the future establishment of the kingdom of God. In addition,  it is a testimony to how God works out His purposes through His servants even in the courts of pagan rulers (Ref. Dan 2:21; 4:18)

The Book was written for two purposes:

  1. It is a testimonial to the sovereignty of the Lord our God even over powerful people and nations who do not acknowledge Him.
  2. It offers a message of hope to believers to trust in God's promise of preservation during troubled times, and ultimate restoration thereafter.

The Book does attract its share of critics who assert that it is not a book of prophecy but of history. Nevertheless, the book comes with some strong recommendations: Ezekiel singled out Daniel along with Noah and Job as a righteous man and wrote about his wisdom. Jesus also quoted Daniel in His Mount Olivet discourse, and referred to him as "the prophet". Indeed, Daniel's life may be characterized by Purpose, Prayer, and Prophecy.  

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