The Prayer Wall

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mathew 7:7


Please use the form below to submit your prayer request. As requests are received, our staff and prayer team are notified and we will post your request online if desired. In case of emergency, click here to reach an on-call minister.



From: Robert Ball

Times for my family have been very difficult, with I not being able to work, and my wife has lost her job, cannot find work, and I am on Social Security: My job caused my eye problems to return, which is very severe double vision. I went thru 3 eye muscle surgeries which in the end did not really help. I was forced out of my job because I could not return. Even though I get Social Security, unfortunately this is not enough to pay for the mounting bills I have. On the advice of my attorney applied for workman's compensation because my job re-aggravated an old eye problem which was stable for a very long time. The judge ruled not to grant me workman’s compensation, but my attorney is moving forward with appealing this decision, this will held on February the 7th. I hope he is successful in overturning the decision. I pray every day for a miracle; this has been going on since January of 2009, when I first went in for my first eye surgery, I just want to be able to pay my debts. Please keep me and my family in your prayers, and I know there is power in prayer, and I believe with God all things are truly possible. Amen

Received on Feb 03 2012

From: Anonymously

First I would like to give all Praise and Glory to God. I've prayed, conducted thorough research, diligently searched for resolutions to my problems, and utilized every resource available to me; unfortunately, no one has been able to help me and my search has led me to a dead end road; so I'm turning to you for additional prayer. I will try to provide you with a brief background about myself, my life, and my current trials. I’m a 31-year-old African American mother and wife. Growing up I was always taught to work hard for anything that I desire and believe that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. As a mother, I try to instill the same values in my daughter. But I must admit that I had many obstacles in my way. I got married at the age of 18. After 2 years of marriage, my husband and I separated. Several years later, I became pregnant and gave birth to my daughter. Her father was not in the picture; therefore, I had to take on the responsibility of being a mother and a father. However, I did not let this hinder me from accomplishing important tasks. In 2007 I returned to school to obtain a degree. I worked full-time, attended school, and raised my daughter alone. In 2009 I completed three tasks; I opened an online letter writing business, obtained an Associate of Arts in Healthcare Administration degree, and reconciled with my ex-husband. In March 2010, I was forced to resign from my job due to discrimination from a superior; this is when my life began to spiral downhill. I filed a discrimination case against my employer with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). After almost two years of a "so-called" investigation, the results came back no evidence of discrimination. I filed for unemployment benefits and got denied. I didn't have funds to seek legal representation, so I filed an appeal against the South Carolina Unemployment Security Commission on my own. I ended up filing three appeals and still didn't get awarded with unemployment benefits. During this time my job search was unsuccessful and bills began to pile up. I started selling items on eBay to earn income. My husband and I have now been back together for two years. It is so much better this time around. God allowed me to wait and give my husband time to find HIM. Everyone constantly asked me why didn't I ever get a divorce from my husband. We were separated for 8 years and not once did I focus on getting a divorce. I wasn't sure why back then, but God revealed it to me. My husband has stepped in and taken on the task of being a newly found husband and father. He has truly been a tremendous help to my daughter and I, but the road ahead still doesn't appear clear to us. We have encountered some trials and tribulations, but we're holding on to faith. We filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy and couldn't afford the payments so it was dismissed. My husband had his vehicle repossessed, we're currently going through foreclosure on our home, and in the process of having our last vehicle repossessed.   My husband and I pray to become small business owners of a consignment store in our area, but we don’t have the money to do so. We’re barely making it off of his minimum wage. We want to get out of debt and help others at the same time. Although our lives have been a struggle, we are eagerly ready to help others. We understand that we're not alone in this financial battle. There are thousands of Americans who are facing battles right now. Most people are looking for ways to "get over" on people and make money. My husband and I's plan is completely opposite. This is our goal. I am not going to classify it as a dream because dreams disappear and are forgotten. Goals are tasks that you aim to get accomplished and we are aiming toward opening this business. Please pray for us to get back on our feet and gain financial stability. Thank you in advance! Many Blessings to you and yours

Received on Feb 01 2012

From: Gracie Ray

My prayer request is for myself and my family.We recently lost our mother on the 4th of January, 2012. I am a member of Turner Chapel and enjoy worshiping with my church family very much. I didn't let anyone at the church know but I realize that was a big mistake.I'm having a really hard time with the loss of my mother and now am asking for my church family to put me and my family up in prayer. I realize that we as a family need all the prayer we can get to help us through this trying time. There is also turmoil erupting and bad feelings coming out and relatives acting like I've never seen them act and it saddens me. Please pray for peace within our family and for resolution and the main thing for all family members to become saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I do know that God is able to do all things except fail !

Received on Jan 31 2012

From: Kimberly Osburn

Please pray for my god daughter Jasmine, who Tragically lost her mother Officer Gail Thomas on Tuesday night. Please pray that I am granted the strenght to comfort and support Jasmine. Thank you.

Received on Jan 26 2012

From: cynthia Blackshear

I am in real need. I have no job and looking. My electricity have been off since Monday and I don't have the money to pay for it. I keep praying I get some help. Thank you

Received on Jan 25 2012

From: Elsie Just-Buddy

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Received on Jan 24 2012

From: Shaquita

Please pray that God provides me with a job. My prayer is that I continue to keep the faith and the belief that he will and can provide me with everything that I need. My prayer is that I continue to walk in his steps that he has ordered for me. I would also like to give God praises because he has continued to provide me with everything that I need in this time of unemployment. My prayer is that God continues to cover my brother in his 2nd semester in college. Please pray for my family, I pray that they desire a deeper and closer relationship with God. Thank You for interceding. God Bless

Received on Jan 23 2012



Received on Jan 22 2012

From: Sonia V. George

I am requesting prayer for my mother (Mrs. Willia George) who will be having knee replacement surgery on January 27th. Please pray for a successful surgery and that God will bless her with a complete healing as she goes through the procedure and rehabilitation process. Thank you!

Received on Jan 21 2012

From: Kim

First I would like prayer for my friend who hasn't been sleeping for a while now. I pray God will give her peace and relax her mind so she can start to have restful nights. Second, I would like to pray for my marriage. My husband and I are separated and we haven't seen him in over a month. All the bills are behind and subject to cut off. He says he's working on it and I can't pay them alone because he was the primary income source. My girls are so hurt and he tells them he's working and trying to get back home. I want my marriage to work. I've been praying for a long time about the same things and I feel like God is ignoring me or maybe this is what I'm suppose to be going thru. I just ask for strength, guidance, and to hear from God because I'm depressed and I feel so alone.

Received on Jan 21 2012

From: Sandra Carter

Please pray for my son to work harder in school! Please pray for my daughter and her marriage to yield to God for guidence. Thank you so much!!!!

Received on Jan 20 2012

From: Karen Shearer

I ask for pryers fro my friend, Kendall Lewis, who was taken to the emergency room on Wednesday night and was diagnosed with double pulmonary embolism. Praise God!...As of this morning, his breathing has improved. I ask your prayers that his improvement continues.

Received on Jan 20 2012

From: Karen Shearer

Please pray for my friend Cynthea Lester. She was taken to the emergency room on Thursday morning due to an elevated heart rate. Her heart rate continues to be elevated and they are monitoring. I ask for your prayers that the Lord continue to guide the doctors so that they can determine the cause and effectively address her issue.

Received on Jan 20 2012

From: Kimberly Boyd

I'd like to pray for my daughter to find employment in her degree field. My husband to have peace on his job and asking God for protection over my family. I am asking God to give comfort to my niece Jerwann and her dad's family of the lost of his mother,and her grandmother. God to give a financial blessing to my sisters,and their families.Also to heal my co-workers mothers one from lung cancer and the other from pneumonia.Also for myself as I go my my mammography test on Friday January 27,2012.

Received on Jan 19 2012

From: Rodney

I'm requesting prayer that God show favor regarding foreclosed property legal matters.

Received on Jan 19 2012

From: Anonymous

First I want to thank God for keeping my family in good times and in bad. I'd like to pray for favor and financial blessings because I've been unemployed or underemployed for over 3 years. I thought doors were finally opening up when I went on several interviews last month. One was for a job that I thought for sure I had in the bag after they called me in for another round of interviews with departmental managers, only to find out a few days later that I didn't get the position because I hadn't done the job in the length of time that I've been laid off! Talk about devastated. I had to take to my bed after that. And the same day, I found out that I didn't get two other jobs that I interviewed for around the same time. I really felt like God had set me up to get excited about the possibilities of me getting that job when he knew that I was going to be shot down. My credit is shot, I have a child that will be going to college this fall and don't know how we're going to pay for it with one income (my husband's). I've been asking God almost constantly for favor regarding my situation but we're still holding on by a thread. We're doing the Daniel Fast but my husband, whose a minister, isn't really feeling the Financial Fast because he says we've already cut as much as we can and even doing that, we barely have our head above water, and paying off bills isn't even an option right now. He's saving where he can. He's frustrated by the situation and at times resents me because he thinks all I'm doing is sitting at home while he's out working. I'm applying for jobs daily, helping our child with college and scholarship applications and volunteering with different ministries and he knows this, but sometimes I think he doesn't value my worth because I'm no longer bringing in a paycheck. We've applied to get our mortgage restructured and the mortgage company only wants to reduce it by $91 per month when we need a significant reduction of $500 or more monthly. I've had to take another withdrawal from my 401K in order to help my husband make ends meet. I'm just really frustrated and it seems as if God isn't listening to me or my husband's cries anymore so maybe if you ask on our behalf, you will break through. It seems as though I can pray for others and they receive a breakthrough but my prayers are going unanswered. Thanking you in advance!

Received on Jan 18 2012

From: Cantrelle Cooke

Good morning, I have several prayer requests during this season of prayer and fasting. I need God's help in the following areas: healing for my kidneys, my finances (in particular student loans), I also need employment (I've been unemployed nearly three years). Please also pray for peace of mind. Thank you.

Received on Jan 17 2012

From: Karen Brewer

I am asking God to help me to put him first in my life, a financial healing and knowledge and guidance as I am going thru training and transition for new job. I

Received on Jan 17 2012

From: Pamela

I would like prayer for a closer walk with the LORD, and to be a better steward of everything he has blessed me with.

Received on Jan 15 2012

From: Anonymously

I ask for prayer for my children that they receive a desire to learn and a desire to be the best that they can be. I ask for prayer for my marriage and for my husband whom had a job interview on this past week. I ask that he receive favor from God if not for this job for a promotion in the future. Also for 2012 to be the year that we get out of debt.

Received on Jan 14 2012

From: Rodney Williams

A dear friend lost his mother to cancer over the Jan. 7th weekend. Please uplift the Millen family in prayer during this difficult time.

Received on Jan 13 2012

From: Matthew Walker

My Prayer for 2012 is for my Marriage & Family to be Blessed, Employment for this year and a Financial Blessing to get out of Debt. And for Jesus to restore my head of household status.

Received on Jan 12 2012

From: kaysha

I am asking for prayer in various arenas in my life such as family, finances, and God's will for me in my career that i'm struggling to understand. I also ask for clarity and wisdom to accept His will for me.

Received on Jan 11 2012

From: Jamie

Our family just sold our small home that is in a not so good neighborhood and were going to purchase a larger home in a safe neighborhood. unfortunately the home is now pending and if sold will will have no where to go. I know it is just a material thing, but we were all so thrilled and happy, now we are distraught and I feel numb. I thank God everyday for my healthy family everyday and this was a dream home for all of us and have been begging God to hear me amd somehow in his power make this home become available to us. I ask that someone please pray for us that the deal on the home falls through so that we can purchase it. Thanks to whomever can pray for us. God Bless.

Received on Jan 11 2012

From: Kim

I am asking for prayer my marriage, for clarity, and for God's grace and mercy. My heart and mind are heavy. My husband and I are separated and if it's God's will, I want to save my marriage desperately. I ask for prayer in regards to finances because the bills are behind and I cannot cover them alone. Lastly, I ask for prayer that I can try and be strong for my 3 girls and continue to have faith that God hears me and will answer my prayers, in Jesus's name. Amen

Received on Jan 10 2012

From: Anonymously

Please continue to pray for married men who are struggling with homosexuality, especially my husband. Recently he was diagnosed as being HIV Positive. While he insists that he contracted the disease before we met in early 2000, I'm not convinced that he is telling the truth. We've been in counseling for 4 months, but I'm now at the point of giving up the marriage because of his lies and deceitful ways. Dedicating the fast for our marriage, that God will give us clarity.

Received on Jan 10 2012

From: Danielle

My family and I are trying to rent a new home. I'd really love to see us be blessed with the small house we are applying for. We have been living in the basement of a woman who attends church with my aunt, but she has gotten ill, and needs family to move in to care for her. I'm trying to have faith that this will work out. Please pray for us. We've really been down a ugly road the last few years and could really use a glimmer of happiness! Please pray favor for us. I don't know that I deserve God's favor or if I can muster my own faith -- even the size of a mustard seed.

Received on Jan 09 2012

From: Anonymously

I am asking for God's guidance in every arena of my life (preparation for marriage, school, spiritual, future) I was placed on academic suspension from school for extenuating circumstances and the school has offered me to make an appeal. I plan to meet with them this thursday, please pray for me.

Received on Jan 08 2012

From: Eugenia

I am asking for prayer for my daughter Tiff who continues to get severe headache that is triggered even by simple things such as her laughing. The doctors cannot seem to pinpoint the problem. Thank you and God bless.

Received on Jan 07 2012

From: Shameka

I am a recent college graduate requesting prayer as I travel tomorrow for a job interview on Monday. I ask that if this job is in Gods will for my life that he make it so. If it isn't, I pray Gods guidance and direction on my life to make it plain to me where he wants me to be.

Received on Jan 07 2012

From: Lisa

Unemployment ran out early november 2011,I am behind in my rent for dec and jan.I have applied for a lot of jobs and yet,I'm still without income.My sleep is off,I have crying spells,I don't know how I'm going to make it.I asked my landlord for more time,to date I'm almost 700.00 behind in rent.I keep telling myself God will make a way,every waken moment I can't stop thinking about being homeless.

Received on Jan 06 2012

From: Anonymously

Hello, I'm asking for prayer for my niece who had surgery on yesterday, I'm asking god to restore her body back to good health in Jesus name. I'm thanking god in advance for my prayer. Amen

Received on Jan 06 2012

From: sony

.Dear lord, i commit my daughter shwetas life in your mighty hands. pls let her wine project take off soon and pls bless her with a loving lifepartner soon who will always take care of her and keep her in luxury.thankyou.

Received on Jan 06 2012

From: Mycheal Gamble

Hi I just wanted to know if I can get the had out that was went over on Wednesday scaned and sent to me . I live in Phoenix and am doing the Fast with the church, so I need the information that was hadned out on Wednesday. Thank You

Received on Jan 05 2012

From: diana

My first prayer request is for school, I am having trouble receiving financial aid for medical school and I don't have the resources to pay for my tuition out of pocket. In addition, I would request prayer as my fiance and I prepare for marriage. I pray that God continues to grant me strength and direction during this fast.

Received on Jan 04 2012

From: Anonymously

I have been apart of this great church for almost three years in April but I'm sorry to say not a member in this time I have had many hard times in my life I am a single dad that has lost a lot but has never lost faith I really just want to say thank you I never put my head down unless I'm praying any time it does still get ruff for us I take notes from the words that are said to me an my lil one ...I just ask can u keep us in your prayers we have much faith we will see better days thank you

Received on Jan 03 2012

From: Anonymously

for my sons the youngest is in jail in cobb county and hates me cause i dont have the three hundred and seventy four dollars to bond him out but i dont have a job,he is in there for running from the police he is not a bad kid but is having it hard cause he is homeless and i dont know how to help him he is 20 years old and need a place to live and to believe that god loves him no matter what.the other one is 30 years old and aint able to work so he have been living in the dark since oct.its really hard on me cause i cant do nothing but cry and pray cause i have been searching for employment since feb.2010 with no luck,can you please stand in agreement with me that god will bless us

Received on Jan 03 2012

From: jane

for my daughter ,her husband filed for divorce,she has no money for a lawyer.they have 2 children,1 special need,who wants her daddy home and the youngest that does not know what its like to have a mommy and daddy athome . my daughter has to go to court on the 11 of jan please pray for it not to happen my daughter wants her marriage,this girl moved in with him so please pray this woman out of his life ,she wont let go ,she the reason why they seperated.pray that the lordput pleace in her heart,and that my daughter and her husband start talking,they used to talk now they dont ,please pray this girl out of his life,my daughter does not have money,she barly making ends meet,,her husband is prideful,and this girl is influeancing him, im tired of seeing my daughter cry,this girl has money ,and so does my daughter husband,this girl was my daughter bestfrined/sister in law so this girl tod my daughter husband alot of things

Received on Jan 02 2012

From: mycheal gamble

I am asking for prayer for my daughter Enid Evans . She is a law school graduate and needs a job and direction for her life.

Received on Jan 02 2012

From: Sonya Barge

As we journey on this 21 day fast, that we acknowledge the unspoken prayer requests that only God knows and are closest to our hearts.

Received on Jan 02 2012

From: Venyon McCarroll

Gdmorning, I have a very important prayer request. Dear reader please prayer for me I need guidance to get on the right path. I need blessings and help to finish schoola nd be able to continue to take care of my children. I'm not looking for sympathy i just want stability. I have little ones that depend on me and although I pray everyday and try to leave my burdens with the Lord, I feel i need a parayer team to assist me as well. That's all I'm askin for not to be rich and wealthy but to help others and to help my family and myself. All these blessings I ask in your name Lord God amen.

Received on Mar 01 2011